Thursday, April 4, 2013

blogging challenge day 3 - Hardware Store to the rescue!

I'm working on a new piece of art for an upcoming show.  It is made out of individual pieces of lumber scraps put together to create a unified piece.  I finished painting it yesterday and proceeded to glue it all together.  Of course, being scraps, no two pieces are the same.  They vary in height, width and depth.  All in all though, I managed to piece it together in a pleasing composition. 

 I used E-6000 glue which, when set, is very strong.  Well it just didn't feel strong enough.  So off to Home Depot I go.  Traditionally, our local Home Depot does not have the support staff I require.  I generally know as much if not more than a big percentage of the staff.  I kid you not, and that is scary.  (side-note: if it wasn't so late I would have gone to our local Mom and Pop hardware store in town...they are VERY knowledgeable, helpful and all in all wonderful!) 

I knew what I needed.  I needed some kind of connector to screw on the back to brace the pieces. The problem is that they are all too big!  I found some that were about 2" long in the fencing aisle, but they were heavy, pricey and only 4 came in a pack.  I would need at least 5 packs!  The whole idea behind this project is to recycle as much material as possible.  This was not feasible.  I couldn't find anyone to help me.  Up and down the aisles I went.  

Finally, I found a very nice gentleman helping another woman.  I waited patiently for my turn.  I'm so glad I brought to sample pieces of wood with me and a photo of my project.  After assessing the situation, he exclaimed, "I have an idea! What do you think about using plumbing strapping?  It comes in a roll and is easy to cut.  Let's go see how much it is."  So off we went to the plumbing aisle.  Imagine my shock.  I found a guy who could help me at Home Depot!!!  I have never been so happy there.  Then he got a phone call and passed me off to another employee.  Right flag!  But no, I explained to him what I was doing and he found me a small package of what I needed and the tool to cut it also!!!  I am going to go to Home Depot late at night more often.  Seems our local one employees the knowledgeable staff for the night shift!!

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