Sunday, February 12, 2017

Notan - Playing with light and dark

I've been looking for ways to teach my students about space...positive and negative space to be exact.  I remember trying to learn it in  middle school and being totally confused.  I don't want this for my students who aren't even in middle school yet!  Then I remembered Notan.  I had seen an article in one of my trade magazines years ago.  Well, when cleaning off my drafting table in the studio, I stumbled upon the article.  I had ripped it out and stuck it in a pile "for someday".

Someday is here!  We've had a string of snowy/icy/rainy days which means I'm stuck at home.  Perfect.  I'm going to play around with Notan.  Long story short, I'm addicted and will be teaching my students this method.  Especially by using the 'expand a square' practice shown here.

More to come, I now want to create a book of these!