Friday, June 11, 2010

see ralph swim!

finished another piece today.  i'm so infuriated with the whole BP oil spill, that i just can't help but think of all that wildlife in the vast blue (speckled w/blackish red oily gook) ocean.  i got to thinking of the saltwater tank we used to have (don't ask) and my clown triggerfish named ralph. ralph is another example of the beautiful black/white graphic pattern found in nature...i'm starting to detect a theme here.  once again i used tissue papers, woodburning, acrylics, mica flakes, colored pencils, stamps and stencils on this piece.

Monday, June 7, 2010


finished another piece today.  i've always been infatuated by pattern, particulary pattern found in nature.  i was speaking w/someone recently about my summers as a child in NH.  i remembered being out with my dad and on the lake was a loon.  he was so excited to show it to me.  i love the patterning on their black and white!  this memory inspired this piece:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

trade magazine submission

so, i am finally  taking a leap.  i'm submitting to a trade magazine.  i was all kinds of inspired by one topic they put a call out for, so over the weekend and today, i finished up a piece.  the only problem is that i'm not allowed to share it.  so  i'll share a tease....