Saturday, January 8, 2011

shakespeare's women

this week i'm working on some ideas for a submission. the theme of the show is shakespeare's women. i love this theme. so much fun to work with and so hard to pick!  there's cleopatra, juliet, viola, lady macbeth, katherine, ophelia, desdemona...i started off with cleopatra.  i made a study of her and struggled with the skin tones. the colors kept getting muddy and i was getting frustrated, but finally, i got it!

only to be informed by my history buff daughter...cleopatra was NOT egyptian!!!!!  (she was macedonian)
back to the old drawing board!

so my next study is this one. i'm liking her. she needs a few adjustments (smaller eyes, not so doe-eyed, thinner lips, better hair), but like i said this is a study. the final piece will be done in my usual style, woodburned and then painted, stamped, printed, colored etc.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

and the sketchbook challenge begins....

i am participating in the sketchbook challenge just for fun!  i'm excited to see what other artists come up with for pages given the same theme.  the theme for january is 'highly prized'.  of course, my family is highly prized, so are my dogs and art supplies, but when i REALLY thought about it and dug deeper, i came up with WORDS as being highly prized to me.
text reads: where would we be without words? from our young days we are encouraged to talk, then read, then write and as soon as we think we have our native tongue mastered, a foreign language is tossed in to the mix...words can provide comfort, strength, love, hurt, warmth, humor, fun and most of all they bring knowledge.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

i'm published!

It was a long journey, but it has happened!  i'm published!  find my piece, 'remembering our military' in the jan/feb 2011 issue of somerset studio.

jan/feb 2011 issue
page 115

true colors of the piece