Sunday, February 12, 2017

Notan - Playing with light and dark

I've been looking for ways to teach my students about space...positive and negative space to be exact.  I remember trying to learn it in  middle school and being totally confused.  I don't want this for my students who aren't even in middle school yet!  Then I remembered Notan.  I had seen an article in one of my trade magazines years ago.  Well, when cleaning off my drafting table in the studio, I stumbled upon the article.  I had ripped it out and stuck it in a pile "for someday".

Someday is here!  We've had a string of snowy/icy/rainy days which means I'm stuck at home.  Perfect.  I'm going to play around with Notan.  Long story short, I'm addicted and will be teaching my students this method.  Especially by using the 'expand a square' practice shown here.

More to come, I now want to create a book of these!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Surrendering to Nature

I've had an idea for an art project in my mind for a while now.  As I look around I am constantly reminded of the force of nature on the world around us.  I started photographing images of this last year.  Images of weeds taking over fences, trees and walls.  Peeling paint damaged on walls from
years of weathering and all kinds of deteriorated objects due to water and sun. 

Finally, I felt like doing something with some of my images.  A friend of mine showed me an accordion book she was working on and a new binding technique she learned of from Catherine Anderson.  Using obliterated photos I tinted as a background, my accordion book came together.  The idea of recycling old photos as the base for my book resonated with me and my accordion book was born.


Surrendering to Nature

Friday, June 26, 2015

Being a Tourist in My Own City

Today was a gorgeous day, so I took the opportunity to visit the High Line in the city.  The High Line opened in 1934 to carry goods into the meat packing district.  It closed in 1980 and was saved from demolition by Peter Obletz, a Chelsea resident.  In 1999 the Friends of the High Line was formed and through private funding and some fabulous dedicated individuals, the first section of this public space opened in 2009.  
You can learn more about it here

Climb the stairs and enter the Highline.

It's located in Chelsea, in the meatpacking district on the west side.

The first thing I noticed were the gorgeous plantings.  Lots of native grasses and flowering perennials grace the landscape.

The original rail ties peek through.

Art is scattered here and there.
A cage of heads.

and even where you don't expect it...

People watching is always interesting.

The views are amazing!

and also educational

I love how the kids are looking out over the street in this photo. 

No need to worry if you forget your camera or cell phone, 
the friends of the Highline have you covered.

So, walk,

ride a  bike,

or grab your chopper.

Get on over to the Highline where you can relax, enjoy treats,

build with legos,

or just plain hang out.  

Look I found Winston's name!!!  

Every turn leads to a new discovery.  
On our way back to Grand Central, we see this!  Seriously...what no spell check?

The Chrysler Building, my favorite!

It was a beautiful, fun day and I can't wait to visit again.  Next time, I'm stopping in to the newly renovated Whitney Museum!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

12-13-14 or Annual ARTsistahs Holiday Day in the City

Every year the ARTsistahs gather to celebrate the holidays in New York City.  This year we decided to have lunch and take a class with Donna Downey at the Ink Pad.  Just like last year, it was Santacon, but instead of showing you a bunch of Santa clad celebrants, I'm showing you a lovely bunch of carolers who greeted us in Grand Central.

We were off, first stop lunch at Commerce in the West Village.  On the way we found the cutest little bakery called milk and cookies.  It was too soon for snacks, but I picked up a magic cookie bar for later.  Anyone who knows me, knows I like a cookie!

3 sistahs posing in front of milk and cookies

Look at this adorable painting hanging inside: artist unknown.

Lunch was at Commerce.  It was the perfect meal.

We started with cocktails

and exchanged little 'gifties'

Then we headed over to the Ink Pad for our class. 
It was held at the Westbeth Gallery. 
Donna Downey was a wonderful, fun teacher. 
 Here she is demonstrating a technique.

We worked diligently on our mixed media books.
 I was so busy, I don't have many photos.  I'll post my finished book soon (probably after the holidays).

We posed for pics with Donna before we left. 
(missing from photo Elizabeth and Kathi who ran to catch their train)
I love my days in the city with my ARTsistahs.  I have found my tribe!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!