Saturday, April 2, 2016

Surrendering to Nature

I've had an idea for an art project in my mind for a while now.  As I look around I am constantly reminded of the force of nature on the world around us.  I started photographing images of this last year.  Images of weeds taking over fences, trees and walls.  Peeling paint damaged on walls from
years of weathering and all kinds of deteriorated objects due to water and sun. 

Finally, I felt like doing something with some of my images.  A friend of mine showed me an accordion book she was working on and a new binding technique she learned of from Catherine Anderson.  Using obliterated photos I tinted as a background, my accordion book came together.  The idea of recycling old photos as the base for my book resonated with me and my accordion book was born.


Surrendering to Nature


Anonymous said...

Your accordion book is awesome! The theme and the way you executed it, the colors and layers of nature, the stitching and use of found objects, the composition of each page and the way you bound them together ... What a work of art!


Just beautiful...I love it.

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pamelahuntington said...

Fantastic.. I love this... :)