Thursday, September 23, 2010

the last moley entry

Over the past year, i have participated in 3 japanese moleskine exchanges over at atc's for all.  At times, it was challenging, trying to find time to work on my "little hobby".  At times, it was inspirational, fueling the fires to create works of art.  Mostly, though it was just plain fun to get something in the mail other than a bill! 

This is the last entry I had to create for the last moleskine exchange.  The theme for this one is WHITE.  It was made with napkins, acrylics, collaged papers, vintage sequins (that were my grandmother's) and stamps.  My "Snow Tree" is heading on its way home to its owner in California. 

I am looking forward to joining another moleskine exchange in the near future, for i have fallen in love with these little books and the wonderful collection of art i have acquired from them!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Apples of Carthage

The ancient Romans called pomegranates "apples of carthage".  My grandmother called them "Chinese apples".  We call them "superfruit".  The pomegranate has long symbolized fertility, Catherine of Aragon had one in her crest hoping to produce an heir to the throne.  I painted them for one reason: I LOVE THE COLOR OF DEEP RED!  enjoy.

woodburning, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, italian text, paper, acrylics, tissue paper

italian text gifted from loretta it for leaves!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is so exciting for me!  I am the featured artist of the month over at atc's for all!  It is an honor, for there are many more talented artists than me over there!  Here is the feature:

Artist Feature Spotlight on the Artists

this is the spread i did for Goatgoddess' japanese moleskine

Kathleen Nesi (known to us as Knesi07 here at AFA) finds art an opportunity to escape and relax. It has always been that way for her. Even as a child, she loved to draw and paint, and enjoyed copying Peanuts comics into a spiral notebook. These days, her favourite media is mixed and she loves nature inspired work as it's a reflection of time spent growing up in the country--something she misses now that she's in the suburbs of New York. She loves to have little books of art to treasure, so participates in chunky book and Japanese moleskine journal exchanges. As her own work grows and develops, she finds it has more of a "story" behind it, while staying very bright, bold, illustrative, and layered. Woodburning has also started showing up in her work.

Kathleen has enjoyed her time at AFA because of all the kind and inspiring artists she's met in the cyber-world. Their talent never disappoints, she says, and it motivates her to push herself in directions she might not have taken otherwise. She's a member of the New Rochelle Art Association and will have work in two upcoming shows. See more of her work at

Aside from her art pastimes, Kathleen enjoys photography, running, playing with her dogs, and hanging with her art friends. Her daily philosophy can be summed up in three words that she embraces: live life fully.