Sunday, March 27, 2011

i'm uber relaxed!

yeah, right!  well, i'm part of a group called "the uber relaxed page traders".  we're a bunch of artists who have traded japanese moleskines in the past, who have decided we can't deal with strick deadlines, so we are trading pages at our leisure.  each artist has a theme, a page size and some media guidelines (which it seems everyone is uber relaxed about this too!).  this is my kind of group.  we are encouraging, grateful and inspired by each other's work.
so, i've completed my first page.  the theme: crows   the size:5"x7"  the media:anything.
for my media i chose watercolor and ink pen. I recently discovered the work or Roz Stendahl.  I think I must have been living under a rock!  I can't believe I never found roz's work before.  it is just stunning!  her blog is a wealth of information for anyone interested in keeping and/or making sketchbooks, using gouache or watercolor or dip pens.  anyhow, I tried to do a page using some of her techniques.  it's hard for me.  first, i really like saturated color and secondly, i tend to be very stiff! But, I did draw this by looking at negative space! :)

I know I need to still work on 'loosening up', but some habits are just hard to break! this is a little crow squawking about this or that for my uber relaxed art friend helene...i hope she likes it!
and the finished page: