Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ok,I bit the bullet and decided to have a studio sale. I have original mixed media paintings,  and all kinds of things featuring my work: notecards, necklaces, handpainted, handbound journals...I'm even taking orders for totebags that you must see to appreciate!  

so stop in, even if it's just to say hi before the holiday gatherings make it impossible!!!!

HERE'S ALL THE INFO (click on the picture):
p.s. email me if you need the addy....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snow-creations at the Homestead

Today I had an art day.  The hubby is in Arizona on business, the girls were at a volleyball game and I decided I needed some creative time with my Art Is... pals.  Sue Pelletier was in town and teaching her wonderful vintage snowmen and I was lucky enough to get into this fabulous class.

We had a wonderful time catching up, having a spectacular lunch including some delicious pumpkin layered brownies made by Betti Zucker and just having creative fun.  It's always nice to bounce ideas of one another and get a little silly!  Using paper clay, beads, buttons, glitter and lots of vintage treasures we made snowmen/women/children!  Here are mine:

my snow creations

I just love the chess piece for the hat and the little jack  dangling from his scarf

this is Verla.  She is on her way to meet her friends Betti and Pearl at the opera.  As my niece would say, 'she's fancy'.
this one is my favorite.  I decided I like the monochromatic ones the best.