Friday, June 26, 2015

Being a Tourist in My Own City

Today was a gorgeous day, so I took the opportunity to visit the High Line in the city.  The High Line opened in 1934 to carry goods into the meat packing district.  It closed in 1980 and was saved from demolition by Peter Obletz, a Chelsea resident.  In 1999 the Friends of the High Line was formed and through private funding and some fabulous dedicated individuals, the first section of this public space opened in 2009.  
You can learn more about it here

Climb the stairs and enter the Highline.

It's located in Chelsea, in the meatpacking district on the west side.

The first thing I noticed were the gorgeous plantings.  Lots of native grasses and flowering perennials grace the landscape.

The original rail ties peek through.

Art is scattered here and there.
A cage of heads.

and even where you don't expect it...

People watching is always interesting.

The views are amazing!

and also educational

I love how the kids are looking out over the street in this photo. 

No need to worry if you forget your camera or cell phone, 
the friends of the Highline have you covered.

So, walk,

ride a  bike,

or grab your chopper.

Get on over to the Highline where you can relax, enjoy treats,

build with legos,

or just plain hang out.  

Look I found Winston's name!!!  

Every turn leads to a new discovery.  
On our way back to Grand Central, we see this!  Seriously...what no spell check?

The Chrysler Building, my favorite!

It was a beautiful, fun day and I can't wait to visit again.  Next time, I'm stopping in to the newly renovated Whitney Museum!!

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