Friday, June 11, 2010

see ralph swim!

finished another piece today.  i'm so infuriated with the whole BP oil spill, that i just can't help but think of all that wildlife in the vast blue (speckled w/blackish red oily gook) ocean.  i got to thinking of the saltwater tank we used to have (don't ask) and my clown triggerfish named ralph. ralph is another example of the beautiful black/white graphic pattern found in nature...i'm starting to detect a theme here.  once again i used tissue papers, woodburning, acrylics, mica flakes, colored pencils, stamps and stencils on this piece.


Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

I love this! What a beautiful piece through which to express your feelings. I am so torn up about it - I feel like going down there and bathing herons or something.

Elly said...

Lovely piece Kathleen