Thursday, August 12, 2010

i'm juiced!

I am hoping to participate in an art show this October, called "Juiced".  It is a theme based show...the color orange.  While orange is NOT one of my favorite colors, I took on the challenge and became inspired.  I made two pieces for consideration.
1. "stella maris a l'orange"
this is my typical style...woodburning, tissue paper, layers upon layers of paint and glazes and lots of texture!

2. "static kill"

this one is a little different for me.  it is more abstract.  in response to the BP oil spill....the fish and seaweed are deteriorating as the oil gook is all around.  made with tons of layers, the fish and seaweed were printed using hand carved stamps.  The oil gook is pouring medium which i mixed w/shades of orange and bronze.  it doesn't show in the photograph, but it actually shimmers a bit.

detail of deteriorating fish

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