Thursday, August 26, 2010

art auction piece

I just finished my piece for an art auction happening at the Art Is...East Coast Art Retreat in October.  The auction will benefit the Little Baby Face Foundation.   It is titled  Poppy Pods.  It is my signature style, woodburning, bold saturated color and layers upon layers of paint, tissue paper, prints, gold leaf, colored pencil and india ink. 

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Laura said...

Yes! this is the one- for some reason I had it pictured in my mind with blooms also- I must be mixing up the Stampington piece and this in my head. I was with Sall while she drooled all over it. I didn't realize until now that you used tissue paper on it- I usually notice that because I love texture also. What I do remember is the beautiful saturated color that I love so much. Sigh.... so many teachers, so little time. I wish I could take this too- if you ever decide to teach in your home studio let me know!