Friday, April 5, 2013

blogging challenge day 4 - Tranquility

Last night I attended an art show.  It was the first solo show for a former student of mine.

Her name is Sarra .  

 She is a senior in high school heading out to study art in the fall at Penn State.  She titled her show Tranquility. 

She not only created the art, but also planned and hung her own show.

  Several family members, friends, teachers and friends of friends were in attendance.  I've known Sarra since she was my student at 3 years old in preschool.  She's grown in so many ways and I couldn't be prouder.

As I was leaving, I saw a piece of art by another former student, Carly.  It was in a little case just outside the door.  It is a beautiful vessel, executed very nicely.

I remember when these two were running around camp coloring pictures with markers, I am suddenly feeling older...

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