Wednesday, April 17, 2013

blogging challenge day 16 - ahhh...the internet and what it takes!

No, I did not skip out on the blogging challenge.  I've had problems with my internet connection.  I haven't been able to connect wirelessly for a few days.  My hubby's computer is hardwired to the router and to get a tech to straighten every thing out...well, all i can say is i love technology while hating it!  

We are at their mercy.  After quite a few phone calls and zapping this and that, trying one thing and another, it was determined we needed a new modem/router.  Now of course, they tried to tell me I needed the "new" faster, better connection at an additional $30/month.  I told them no thank you.  I was perfectly fine with the speed of the old connection I JUST WANT TO CONNECT!!!  After another two phone calls it was determined I needed a new modem/router (this is the 3rd one for us) and the 'new' faster, better connection will be free for us for two years!  Imagine that?  Funny.
I am now on the 'new' connection with the new modem/router.  Time will tell if it is truly better. 

In the meantime, I have lots of things going on in the studio.  Had a nice visit with my best friend and goddaughter yesterday who helped me add finishing touches to the overhaul I'm giving my 3 season porch.  I will post about that later with pics.

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