Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Big Egg Hunt

Faberge sponsored a Big Egg Hunt in NYC beginning on April 1st.  There were 206 eggs hidden throughout the city.  Using social media (facebook, twitter, instagram), clues were given and the hunt was on.  People have been posting their finds on instagram and twitter and after seeing some of the pics, I knew I had to go see them in person.  The eggs were created by designers and artists and are for sale here.  Yesterday, April 18, 2014 they were all gathered and nested at Rockefeller Plaza.  Since my birdies were home in our nest, we took a trip in to see them.  Here are some of our favorites.

caitie spotted the first egg

Then we went around the corner and saw lots!  Nicki thought this looked like a dragon egg.

this one was one of my favoites

When i took the photo i didn't notice the guy standing behind this fabulous egg.  makes it look like it has feet!


another of my favorites.  the egg is encapsulated inside a wire nest.

This one was my favorite!!

When looking close up, you see it is not painted but decorated with cut paper!  the work here amazes me!

Being able to view such fun art is one of the many reasons I love living so close to this city.  20 minute train ride and we are there, experiencing such beauty!  If you get a chance check them out...there are 206 eggs.  What a fun way to spend a couple of hours. For more info check out

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bumblebee said...

Love the egg hunt My fav was….. too many to name. Thanks for sharing.