Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hardbound by the Colorful Covers and Scrumptious Spines!

I was recently invited to a private book arts class.  It was held in the most gorgeous apartment on the east side with spectacular views:
view of 59th st bridge
It was a rainy spring day in NYC and I was so looking forward to a day creating art with some of my Art friends.  

Our teacher was Andrew Borloz.  He ran this class as a 'test' to iron out any kinks before starting to teach it nationally.  
Andrew Borloz holding one of his class samples

Using stencils designed by Andrew, we first painted our bookcloth.  There were so many colors and patterns to choose from it became a bit overwhelming.  I just wanted to make so many different combinations!
one of the stencils designed by Andrew

Andrew showed us how to stencil on cloth.  He has lots of tips and hints for sucessful stencilling on fabric. We quickly learned which brand of paints we preferred based on viscosity and coverage!

 Everyone's color combinations came out so beautiful and unique!

 these are mine!

After a fabulous lunch, it was time to start assembling the books.  And this is when I stopped taking lots of photos!  We used just about every minute absorbing the process, because for the second book we were on our own.  Of course, Andrew was there to help us, but it was sort of our final exam to see what we had learned!

gluing the spine

gluing the book boards

gluing gluing gluing burnishing burnishing burnishing

busy beavers hard at work
The end result are these gorgeous books!

I highly recommend taking this class. If you are interested, Andrew is offering it at Create in NJ in July and out in Petaluma CA in September.  You will leave with 2 beautiful handpainted, handbound cloth covered books!  Click here for info.

p.s. my books are so pretty, I don't want to write in them!

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