Saturday, February 11, 2012


hello, happy new year!  A bit belated, but I've been extremely busy.  I am now working full-time in a pre-school teaching in the pre-k room while one of the teachers is taking a leave of absence. It will be over in June.  In the meantime I've been desperately making deadlines for shows, went on an art retreat,am taking an on-line lettering class, reworked a wall of the studio and made a journal page for the ART-IS round robin.  As i can, I will post on each and everyone of those things and not in chronological order.

first up: my round robin page.

The ART-IS group of fantastic artists has a series of art journals traveling around the world. Mine arrived at my house the day I was leaving for my art retreat.  Today I made time to make my entry before passing it along to the next participating artist.  The loose theme of the journal is 'COURAGE'.  my entry is self-explanatory.  one thing i'd like to mention, i'm using more lettering in my work.  (i'm taking an online class with joanne sharpe)

my entry for the ART-IS round robin journal


Anonymous said...

I love this! The colors, the theme - everything! Vic

Anonymous said...

great color, great design, great message!
deb belica (art is rr group 5)

bumblebee said...

love,love your blog and your art work

kathy n said...

Thanks all, you are so kind!