Friday, December 2, 2011

this is how santa's elves feel!

I've been busy preparing for my studio sale.  (which is this sunday 3-5 and monday 10-5)

why is it that we never feel we have enough?  well i've got glass tile necklaces, scrabble tile charms, prints of my work, originals of my work, fabric tote bags...and now 20 journals!
i've made 20 - 16 page pamphlet stitch journals filled with gorgeous paper that accepts both wet and dry media.  they all have handpainted covers, are handbound and they all have charm danglies hanging from the spine.  i just love danglies!
here are 8 of them
then i decided to go crazy!  I added fabric prints of my art and stitched all over the cover!  how fun!  this really is mixed media!!
i have 12 of these babies!!
it's funny, each one is different and i'm attached to them all.  

i can see different art in each one, or lists, or special writings or quotes that appeal to you!  my daughter just came home and spotted the 'peace heart' one and said, 'oh cool'. approval from a teen.   i guess i'm on the right track with these!

now i'm off to make some felt ornaments.....

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Tracy Verdugo said...

Wow Kathleen you have been busy! These are absolutely gorgeous...every single one an artwork in itself...i think they'll sell like crazy! love and hugs to you...hope your weekend is amazing!
Tracy xo