Sunday, September 21, 2014

Where I Live

Talented artist Seth Apter is doing a studio 'show and tell' on his blog, The Altered Page.  He wants people to see what a real working studio looks like on any given day.  I love this idea and wanted to join the party.

Here is the studio where I live:
My studio is in the basement of my house.  You enter through the garage.  I painted this wall with chalkboard paint 2 days ago.  I need to wait one more day before I can season it and write on it.  I'm so excited to do this!!
The bench is an old apothecary bench that was in my grandfather's and then my father's pharmacy.  I spent lots of time sitting on this bench as a kid, hanging at my Dad's store.  It fits perfectly here. Enter through the little green door....

Here is the view!  Overwhelming huh?  Right now it is in a transition stage.  I'm transitioning from summer (where I can just paint till my heart's content) to fall (where I need to get serious and start teaching classes again).  I've spent this week organizing and purging. It may not look that way, but trust me!  I love the tables and chairs I have in here.  I can move everything around into all kinds of configurations.

I know it looks like a lot of 'stuff' and there is!  I teach in many different venues, so organization is key!

Immediately to your right I have drying racks and all kinds of storage for supplies.

This is one of my bookshelves filled mostly with books about artists.  I use them to teach my Great Artists unit at a pre-school and also for inspiration.  I love teaching pre-schoolers about art.  I've been doing it for 13 years now.  In the bottom left hand corner of the photo you can see my flat files.  On top of my flat files I have my laptop, printer and a bunch of junk that I need to go through.  Mostly papers I've gotten in the mail that I felt I needed to keep for one reason or another.  The wall is filled with original art from artists whose work I admire.

This little bookshelf, built by my brother, is tucked in a corner.  It stores all the picture books I use to teach an enrichment class at the pre-school.  The illustrations in them astound me!  I love picture books. I could look at them for hours and sometimes, I do!

This is my little corner.  I have everything within arms reach. Currently, I'm tossing things there that need to be filed.   Behind my chair are storage bins filled with paints, sorted by color.  To the right of my chair are all my pens, markers and colored pencils I use in journaling.  To the left are my brushes, pencils and ephemera used in my mixed media work.  You can see the edge of one of my 3 easels in the left hand side of the photo.

I also have these great pull out drawers that are filled with all kinds of supplies.  I mean really, who needs this much tape?  I do get supplies donated, which I have a hard time saying 'NO' to.

There is also a flat screen TV mounted on the wall, another storage area for reference books and magazines and a powder room.

This little girl comes down to keep me company on most days.  She is a good companion.

Thanks for taking this brief tour of my studio.  In closing I'd just like to share a piece I picked up this summer in Newport...


bumblebee said...

love the tour and all the inspiration it brings

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

What an amazing place. Love the chalkboard wall you've just painted and the bench that holds so many memories. You have a delicious amount of supplies and I'd can only imagine how much fun you must have in your basement.

Gallery Juana said...

Amazing studio! It looks like you teach classes there too. And I love how the bench has been passed down and the history and memories it carries. Thanks for the tour. visiting from seth's blog hop.

Anonymous said...

Awesome tour! I love your storage bins! I too have an affinity for picture books! Thanks so much for sharing!

kathy n said...

thanks all for taking the time to comment and visit!