Monday, June 17, 2013

Discovering A Beautiful Public Garden

This past Saturday, Mrs. Pom called me and said, 'Let's go to Wave Hill and do some plein aire."  "OK!" was my reply, afterall, I had a couple of hours with nothing to do (never mind all the graduation parties that were scheduled for the weekend).  Well, I did not know how beautiful Wave Hill is.  I have never been there and to this day cannot fathom why.  It is gorgeous!  Flowers, trees, birds, bugs, beautiful vistas of the Hudson...How is it I never knew this gem was here?  Well, I did more photography than painting...enjoy!

 this is a tree believe it or not.  i couldn't find the name, but so cool
lace bark tree

This tree was immense in size.  In hindsight, I should've had Loretta stand over there

so many specimens

my favorite, something about this relaxes me.   I don't know if it is the shape or the hues of greens AND it has been turning up in my intuitive painting...hmmmm....

there is a wonderful water garden complete with carp (although i failed to photo one)


don't you love the twisty viny wisteria?

love love love

nice little bench to rest

just as we came out of one garden and looked up...ahhhh!


I want to do all these dish gardens

poppies, poppies, poppies

and poppies
and poppy pods!
I just love this whole setting, from the pot in the center to the little bench including the ppl sitting...

how cool is this?


oh right, the reason we went there in the first place!

succulents in the gift store
I guess this little guy seeds himself...right in the sidewalk!

and Mrs. Pom with her beautiful journal
(I should've  photographed the finished product, it came out gorgeous)

I have about 90 photos in total.  from herbs to perrenials this place is amazing!  It is truly inspirational and the perfect place to go when I have artist block.  The array of texture, composition, shapes and color!  oh and now of course, I want to replant all my flowers!  



Completely beautiful...what a great place for journaling & photography! Wish I lived close enough to join you on a whim!

kathy n said...

i wish you lived closer too nancy! you would have loved it!!