Monday, February 1, 2010

moley entry

i belong to a fabulous art trading group called ATC's for All. within that group i have signed up for 3 different japanese moleskine book trades.  it works like this: the owner of the book picks a theme for their book.  the participants take turns putting an entry in their book.  when all entries are in, the book goes back to the owner. the result is a little tiny treasure of art from around the world.

last week i worked in a book for a group i belong to called the "lucky 7".  we consist of 10 members: 7 from all over the US (Illinois, Virginia, Texas, Minnesota, Washington and NY), 2 from Scotland and 1 from Sweden.  the book i worked in last week is owned by kristib, her theme was open media, meaning the artist could do whatever they wanted using whatever they wanted.  i played! 
it is called "free" here is the result:

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peggyapl said...

amazing! how beautiful!